HI I’m back…

Just resetting the WordPress page. I hope to get back to posting new and interesting things soon.

I plan to blog about things happening in my world.  Some of the new things are sewing projects, running, pen making and other odd things that I’m sure will pop up.


Until then, Stay Crazy My Friend…




Plowing Through the Virgin Snow

Clowning around in the snow!!

Looks like a good time does it?  I’m not quit sure many people would agree that running in 3″ of snow is a “good time”, but for a select few, it is.  I’m out in the blowing snow and cold training for my triathlon season and Julie Bear is training for her first marathon.

Today was just another weekly nooner we do on Thursday’s.  Since I said I’d be there I got out of my nice warm bed and got dressed and headed to the Lion’s Den.  Today we were joined by Jeni Hella Monster who was trying out her new Yak Trax.  Jeni did an awesome job photo shopping herself into the picture.  We learned last time, don’t let a well meaning stranger take a picture with your iPhone.

The snow on the trail was fresh and the wind was blowing at our backs.


The Iceman Runneth

The fresh snow was easily displaced by the pounding our feet.  One or two people braved the cold and snow to walk their dogs.  There was no other “runners” to be seen.  One brave soul on a bike rode out about a 1/2 mile and was soon heading back towards us.  The bare trees had snow stuck to their branches and all that could be seen ahead was a white hallway inviting us forward.  Forward we went and went and went, the snow falling and our hearts pumping.  The scene was out of a post card, truly a magnificent sight few people saw today.  Many either gave up on a workout or selected a different way to burn off some calories.  Evidence of this was clear when I was at the gym later and the swim meet was canceled and the parking lot was empty enough I was able to park in the 3rd spot in.  The Yoga class with a bunch of runners in it, was packed.  As far as the 3 Snowketeers are concerned, there was no better way to get our calorie burn in, than to be plowing through the virgin snow.

The first 3.25 miles was wonderful.  I even did a Brad Pitt and removed hoodie.  The remaining 3.25 miles, not so much.  Remember I said we started with the wind at our backs.  The wind was now coming at us on a diagonal from left to right.  The wind was now blowing the picture-perfect snow off the trees, creating a near white out condition.  As we continued our journey home, I could always tell when the wind was going to pick up, because there was little snow on the trail.  The temperature was dropping and the wind was howling and we still had 3.17 miles to go!   A recorded school message announcing the cancellation of after school activities offered some relief from the blowing snow.  We made it back to the start with just a couple rest breaks.  I have cycled in thunder storms and now run in a blizzard.  They may not seem related, but both provide the additional inspiration to help keep your pace and get you back to the start.

snowy hallwayI all today I ran 6.50 miles, swam 1/2 mile, and cycled 13.22, attended two yoga classes and will now consume 3 beers to complete the Snowketeer Tri…

No Cute Hat Required

So, as it goes as a member of the retail world your days off do not follow the rest of the real world.  I’m a manager at a big box retail home improvement store.  My week is pretty much set with my days off falling on Thursday and Friday.  During my triathlon training this allowed me to get my long cycle and my brick days in.  Whats a brick?  Thats when U ride a bike a long ass time and then run a long ass time.  After which point your legs feel like bricks.   Wow aren’t we an imaginative group?

This summer I had a goal of running from Joliet to Frankfort and back, that’s 22 miles. It’s a nice training route that I have used since I started cycling.  At one point on a cross training day my buddy Scott says to me, “When we are training for a marathon this would be a long training run…”  For some reason that stuck with me and became a goal.  Now most people will not run 22 miles as a training run for a marathon, but Crazy Boy Don will!!  Since I had 5 weeks to training for my fall marathon I thought it fit.

Enter Julie, she says I’ll run some of the 22 with ya.  We meet up at about mile 7 and talked for the next several hours.  We discovered during this time that we had a few things in common.  You can’t help but to instantly like someone willing to run just to help you through a long run.  For the past several weeks Julie and I have run at noon on Thursday…

48 degrees 12/1/11

Today could not have been any nicer.  Calm wind, bright sun, and my Thursday run buddy, Julie.  We decided to run towards Joliet from New Lenox.  It was nice to be back on the trail with my buddy. Last Thursday we missed our run because of Thanksgiving. In no time at all we where in Joliet.  Talking really makes the run seem shorter.  As we approach the body shop I can’t believe my eyes, 48 degrees is displayed!!  When we got to the turn around I couldn’t believe my eyes again!! My watch said only 47 minutes had passed and a new PR for CrazyBoy!! Whoot Whoot!!! We took some time to stretch and started back up the trail.  Some where along the trail Julie got friendly with the foliage and had those prickly seed pods on her. As she tried to pick em off they kept multiplying…  hehe

Todays run was awesome!! Our total time was 1:45:27 a 10:13 pace. Julie was having some technology issues and I was having I didn’t eat issues, so we stopped more than normal.  Thank you TY TY. I’m glad she slows down so I can keep up!!

Today’s Crazy Boy fashion, Nike Shoes and UA socks bought at Bass Pro Shops, Asics running shorts, Champion cold gear and UA running shirt.

Julie Bear’s fashion, New shoes, causing shin issues? Running tights and an awesome Chicago 1/2 Marathon top.  Sorry, no cute hat required…

Turkey day 2011


The idea of winning a pie was motivation enough to get me outta a warm house and into a 32 degree car to drive 30 minutes and run. Dubbed as the oldest Iowa road race the 47th annual Turkey Trot is held at the Iowa state fair grounds. The morning was cool, crisp and sunny. The mild weather brought out many same day registrants. So many that the race was delayed 15 minutes. 5 laps and a new pr later (48:39) I was done. I was hoping for a pie, but didn’t finish high enough. 20111124-230219.jpg