Hello my name is Don and I’m a triathlete.  Since I call myself a triathlete it means I swim, cycle, run, and drink!!  LOL  I enjoy cycling the most, but find I do more running and swimming.  My other interests are Yoga, Martial Arts, P90X,  and shopping.  Shopping right?  More of a techno shopper than for cloths.  Since using P90X I’ve lost 20 some pounds and exercise on a regular basis.

I’ve completed a 70.3 triathlon and other events like, 100 mile cycle events, 1/2 marathons and full marathons.  The triathlon to me is the perfect sport because of the 3 for 1 training you get.  Your cross training is built into your weekly training schedule.

I’m married and have two children.  I’ve been married to Lucy for 18 years and we dated for 3 years before that.  We met in a bowling alley…  Andy is the oldest and is 17.  He is a very good student.  He likes to paint ball and hang with the crew.  Jackie is 15 soon to be 16.  She is daddy’s girl and likes activities that require a skirt.  She is a cheerleader and plays on the badminton team.

Thats about it.  I hope you enjoy my blog.  Feel free to and your comments and thoughts.



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